Solarize Wellfleet

The Solarize Wellfleet program was completed in June 2014.  Congratulations to all the Wellfleet homeowners and small business that are now, or soon to be enjoying the benefits of their solar panels.  The Town is now participating in the Outer Cape Energize project in cooperation with Eastham, Truro and Provicetown.  Please go to for more details on the new program.  

The Solarize Wellfleet program more than met the challenge. Over 655 kilowatts of capacity has been installed which is more than three times our target for tier 5.

A survey of how we did is available here.

Solar Arrays in Wellfleet

From the chart on the left, you can see that the number of systems installed in Wellfleet tripled during the program and that the rate of growth of Solar installations continued at an accelerated rate even after the program ended.

Most of the benefits of installing solar PV on your home or small business are the same as they were during the program, so if you missed the deadline, we still urge you to consider installing solar panels.  You can contact one of the installers directly.  The Mapdwell program is still available, to view your home’s potential for solar.

The contact data is Cotuit Solar (508) 428-8442 E2 Solar (508) 694-7889 or  Blue Selenium Solar (508) 833-9500. Also feel free to call Solarize Wellfleet at (508) 901-9786.

Installer Team

Installer Team. Photo Karen Strauss


The chart below reflects the results of Round 2 of the 2013 Solarize Mass program, which included the communities of Adams, Amherst, Andover, Great Barrington-Egremont, Lexington-Bedford, Needham, Salem-Swampscott, Watertown, Wellfleet, and Williamsburg-Whately-Chesterfield, which concluded on June 30.

Community Installer Tier Contracts Signed Capacity (in kilowatts)
Adams RGS Energy 4 18 100
Amherst Northeast Solar Design Associates 5 174 1,195
Andover Astrum Solar 5 78 654
Great Barrington/Egremont RGS Energy 5 84 546
Lexington/Bedford Astrum Solar 5 162 1,136
Needham Astrum Solar 5 99 729
Salem/Swampscott RGS Energy 5 71 401
Watertown Next Step Living 4 28 136
Wellfleet Cotuit Solar / E2 Solar / Blue Selenium 5 133 656
Williamsburg / Whately / Chesterfield RGS Energy 5 85 589
Total 932 6,142


Susan Quigley 2

One of Solarize Wellfleet’s early Installations

 Solarize Wellfleet Progress Chart 7-1-2014
 Susan Quigley 1 More than 475 households and businesses from Wellfleet have expressed interest (and another dozen from neighboring towns). We have picked our installer team in a competitive bidding process and their proposal has been reviewed by technical experts from the Mass Clean Energy Center. Solarize Wellfleet (SM) will be served by a team of three companies: Cotuit Solar (lead),  E2 Solar  and  Blue Selenium Solar.>

Solarize Wellfleet (SM) offers a competitive tiered pricing structure that increases the savings for everyone as more home and business owners sign contracts. Home and business owners who want to participate can either purchase the installation or have a power purchase agreement with no money down.  

We have commissioned the Mapdwell company to provide an interactive “Solar Map” of Wellfleet that allows home and business owners to estimate the Mapdwellrooftop solar electric potential (PV panels) for any building in Wellfleet. Users can consider various system sizes and configurations and estimate the potential of each system. If you want to try the software on your own home click here.  Wellfleet is one of only three places in the country where this capability is available.  The other two are Cambridge Mass and Washington DC.

A home energy assessment is a prerequisite to having a solar installation approved for rebates.  However, it is also worth doing even if you decide not to proceed with a solar array.  Schedule one now.

Once you indicate your interest the installer will:

  • Evaluate your site for solar usually including an on-site inspection,
  • Generate a detailed proposal.  

If you decide to proceed the installer will:

  • Apply for all grant applications, and utility interconnections,
  • File all required permits and obtain inspections,
  • Install your solar system!
  • Install any optional monitoring systems.

Volunteer Orientation Sign-in. Photo: Esther Elkin

Home or business owners may purchase electricity systems directly or enter into a lease agreement with the installer. Under a lease the installer will own, operate and maintain the system, while the home or business owner agrees to purchase the power generated by the system at an agreed-upon rate that is significantly lower than commercial rates.

The designated installer will provide site assessments and system designs for individual solar PV projects. The site assessment will evaluate a site’s suitability for solar PV, including shading, on site load, and any electrical, structural, or mechanical issues that may increase the cost of the solar PV project relative to the proposed cost. The system design should maximize system production while minimizing project cost.

Local Contact

Outreach efforts in Wellfleet will be led by Solar Coach Richard Elkin, who can answer questions and assist home and business owners looking for more information on the program.

The committee is soliciting support from Wellfleet civic organizations to help spread the word about this program.

If you are interested in the program contact us at  or call (508) 901-9786

Solarize Wellfleet (SM) is a part of Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s (MassCECSolarize Massachusetts program.  The program is a joint effort of the Wellfleet Energy CommitteeMass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Sanctuary with major support from the Tern Foundation.


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    • Paul Pilcher on December 10, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    Interested to know when aerial survey results are available

    1. The Mapdwell software will go live in early January. It is based on previous aerial surveys. There will be a public introduction on Jaunuary 24 and again on February 3.

    2. The Mapdwell software is now available for use. Click on the menu above to go to the site. Enter your own address to see the amount of sunlight on your own house.

        • ginirus on January 14, 2014 at 6:55 pm

        Looks like you are all doing great things, I am truly interested in solar. It would be great to see it all work. My interest goes back to my Dad who was working on solar for the company of Arthur D. Little and had solar panels on his roof in Newton in the 1950’s. Unfortunately I am not in Wellfleet at the moment as my house is not heated. What would you see as the next step I should take? Gini Russell (The Mapdwell software is a plus!)

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