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  • Sunday Journal

    Solarize Wellfleet – Sunday Journal 3/02/2014

    • The effort to increase solar power on Cape is discussed by Dick Elkin, he oversees the Solarize Wellfleet program, he’s in studio with Rob Woodard to discuss the initiative making it possible for homeowners to get credit for installing solar panels.
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  • Our Progress

    People have been hearing about Solarize Wellfleet in news articles, radio interviews, and word of mouth and have been contacting us to express their interest.

    We held our first meeting for the public on January 24 which provided a boost in the number of people who expressed interest in Solarize Wellfleet.

    Our second meeting Solar 101 had over 100 people in attendance despite snowy weather.

    Our third event was “Meet the Installer” on February 22.

    Solarize Wellfleet Progress Chart 2-25-2014

  • Solar 101 draws over 101 people.

    On February 3  we held the “Solarize 101″ Presentation  at the Council on Aging.  It was a presentation from the Mass Clean Energy Center describing the overall program. The installer team presented their offering.  Over 100 people attended, despite the snowy weather.

    Users can consider various system sizes and configurations and estimate the potential of each system. If you want to try the software on your own home click here.

    Conrad Geyser B

  • Solarize Wellfleet Kicks off to an Overflow Crowd

    Over one hundred people jammed Preservation Hall to enjoy Oysters and Chablis and learn more about the Solarize Wellfleet Program.   Marcus Springer, chair of the Wellfleet Energy Committee introduced the speakers.  Bob Prescott of the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuarary spoke next about Mass Audubon’s commitment to Green Energy.  Marianne Lampke of the Tern foundation spoke about the foundation’s goals.  Eduardo Berlin of Mapdwell, Inc gave a short demonstration of the Solar Map for Wellfleet.  Dick Elkin, the solar coach, introduced representatives of Cotuit Solar, E2 Systems and Blue Selenium Solar who are the installer team and provided a short description of upcoming events.  This was followed by a general question and answer period.

  • The Lowdown with Ira Wood

    Dick Elkin and Marcus Springer were interviewed by Ira Wood on the Lowdown on Jan 21, 2014.  You can listen to the interview.

    Ira Wood

  • DOER Announces Final Policy Design for SREC II Program

    DOER Commissioner Mark Sylvia has announced the outlines of the new SREC II program.  One key aspect is reduced  incentive value over time.  The auction price will decline from the current $285 per megawatt to $189 over ten years.

    The amount of energy needed to be produced in order to “mint” on SREC will be increased, although small residential or commercial projects less than 25 kW are not affected by this change.

    Financing support for homeowners is anticipated, but this program will probably not be in place for Solarize Wellfleet.


  • Volunteer Orientation a Success

    Over thirty five people and one turkey attended a volunteer orientation for Solarize Wellfleet at the Mass Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on Wednesday, January 8.  IMG_2318a
    IMG_2320aDick Elkin presented an overview of the program, outilned the outreach efforts and discussed the volunteer positions we needed.

    Janet Drohan was introduced as the volunteer coordinator.






  • Wellfleet embraces the sun
    By Mary Ann Bragg
    December 26, 2013

    WELLFLEET — Wellfleet will be the second town on Cape Cod to join a state program to persuade homeowners to install solar panels to generate electricity.

    The town energy committee has joined up with the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary for “Solarize Wellfleet,” which formally kicks off Jan. 24. Wellfleet and Bourne are the two towns on the Cape to sign on, out of 46 communities across the state…

    Read the entire article.

  • Three Things to Know About Solar Power on WCAI

    WCAI Broadcast addresses solar power.  Listen to the broadcast, including an interview with Marcus Springer, Wellfleet Energy Committee Chair.

    By Heather Goldstone

    Solar power installations in Massachusetts have increased 80-fold in just six years, outstripping state officials’ goals and surprising many.

    If you’ve ever thought solar power was only for the tropics or desserts, think again. In May of this year, Governor Deval Patrick announced that solar installations in Massachusetts – photovoltaic, the electricity-generating panels, not solar hot water – had already reached the goal his administration set for 2017. He then proceeded to raise the goal to 1,600 MW installed by 2020.

    Read the entire article.

  • Solarize Wellfleet Grant Awarded

    Wellfleet has been selected to participate in the Solarize Massachusetts program of the MassCEC.  We will be kicking off our efforts in the next few weeks.

    As part of this program Wellfleet will deploy the Map Dwell program, which will allow residents and property owners to evaluate the suitability of their property for solar installations and examine alternative installations.

    Home and business owners who want to participate can either purchase the solar electricity systems directly or enter into a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) with the installer. Under a lease or PPA, the installer will own, operate and maintain the system, while the home or business owner agrees to purchase the power generated by the system at an agreed-upon rate.

  • Selectmen Approve Application for Solarize Wellfleet

    Solarize Wellfleet

    Richard Elkin from the Energy Committee presented details of a pending grant application to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to participate in Round 2 of the 2013 Solarize Massachusetts program. This program encourages homeowners in a community to install solar photovoltaic (PV) projects on their homes or businesses through a group purchase that will drive down the cost for individual homeowners. There is a possibility that excess energy generation can be donated to the Town to offset costs.

    From the audience, Energy Committee member Lilli Green said she was trying to promote a similar program that did not have the tight time constraints of the MassCEC grant, saying that a thoughtful delay and more research to build the alternate program supported by a sub-committee of the Energy Committee would yield higher non-resident participation and lower costs for solar installation. Elkin said that the quick turn-around time on the MassCEC grant was due to funding authorization in the current fiscal year.

    Motion 14-0063: Pilcher authorized the Board of Selectmen to send a letter of support for Wellfleet’s participation in the 2013 Solarize Massachusetts program. Bruinooge seconded the motion and it passed 5-0.

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