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Site Assessment

Once you have registered with Solarize Wellfleet, an installer review your site using satellite photos and will contact you about an onsite assessment.  This can be scheduled at your convenience.

If you have a a sunny roof you will generally know it. Good Site Slide But some cases are not as clear.  Your roof may have shade during some portion of the day.  It might not be facing south.

Initial site feasibility can be determined online through aerial images.  Installers can do it by eye.  Home and business owners can use Mapdwell to help evaluate the site.

If the installer believes there is a chance your site is viable, they will make a site visit.  At that time, cutting or trimming of trees might be discussed.

Solar Pathfinder

 The installer will be able to evaluate the total amount of sunlight that falls on your roof over the course of a year.

A shading analysis should be performed for each feasible project site.  The tools are called Solar Pathfinder or Solmetric Suneye.

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