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Decide on a System


With the aid of the installer, you will need to evaluate the type of systems you will install and the “adders” or options.

There may be added costs for a variety of reasons:

  1. Flat roofs require more expensive mounting
  2. Separate roofs require additional wiring.
  3. Pole or ground mounted systems are more expensive.
  4. A detached garage will require additional wiring and possibly digging.

With the advice of the installer you will need to select the system that meets your needs.

The size of the system should be based on your annual electricity usage and the space available on a suitable roof.  The installer will help you configure the system.

There may be additional costs due to multiple roofs, a detached garage, flat roofs, pole mounting, reinforcing the rafters or having the structure approved by a professional engineer.

tigo optimizerPanel upgrades, meter upgrades or changes in service will be added charges.  Monitoring systems with web based reporting are available and add cost.  Micro-inverters, which are added to each panel have a greater initial cost but also last as long as the panels and will not need to be replaced.

Higher efficiency panels, which can produce more electricity in a given space, are also more expensive, even on a per kilowatt basis.

When you have agreed on a system, and on whether you will purchase or lease.  After you do, you will need to sign a contract for the system.  The final price will depend on the tier achieved.

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